Now, why didn't we think of opening a huge store that sells nothing but alcohol and everything you need (from caviar to snack on, to sugars to rim your glass) to go with it? Duh. How could you go wrong? The BevMo!people have gone terribly right, which must be why their stores are popping up around the country quicker than mortgage foreclosures (or maybe that's why so many people are drinking so much?). Anyhow, we fell in love as soon as we entered BevMo!— the place is super-shiny-clean and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. And not just interested in turning a profit! We asked for a particular Russian vodka that comes in a fancy hand-painted bottle, and they had it. But the clerk tried to sell us a different vodka instead — he said it was better, and it certainly was cheaper! Apparently it's rare, and BevMo!had just received a shipment. We passed (our friend wanted the collectible bottle) but promised we'd be back for the other kind — and no, we won't give you the brand name. We want it all to ourselves. But we bet the BevMo!folks will know just what you're talking about, when you ask.

Location Details

7230 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler AZ 85226


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