Being a dork isn't easy. The looks of pity while standing in line for nine hours to see Star Wars: Episode III. The snickers and snide comments just for dressing up as hunky Final Fantasy hero Cloud. So what if it wasn't Halloween? At Samurai Comics in Phoenix, you're not alone. Magic: the Gathering is a lifestyle, not just a card game, and movie-accurate stormtrooper costumes are chic. It's a geek's wet dream, especially considering the buxom babes populating the covers of Lady Death, Kabuki and teenybopper rags like Bomb Queen III that line the walls. But parents needn't be concerned. Owners Moryha and Mike Banks also stock tons of classic Superman, Spidey and X-Men back issues from the time before Rogue's double D's and Storm's cleavage-bearing wetsuit.

Location Details

5024 N. Seventh St.
Phoenix AZ 85014


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