Unlimited Coffee

At 7 in the freaking morning, we want comfort. We want breakfast. The last thing we want is to walk into a new place and meet new people, so first impressions are even more impressive than usual. Within our first five minutes in this cozy cafe, the barista helped us choose a chocolate-chip scone that he swore was "sex on a plate," reassured us about the kitten we'd dropped off to get spayed, upsized our mango smoothie because he'd made too much, became our new BFF, and gave the next customer the rest of the excess smoothie as a sample. They make their own gelato here, and it's named after a cat.

They have a piano. Each employee has a business card with e-mail and a phone number. Yeah, they make coffee, too, and you'll appreciate that after you've basically moved in. Apparently, "unlimited" means there's nothing they can't do.

Location Details

741 E. Glendale Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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