Every child is an artist — at least to Mom, who lovingly taped our rudimentary crayon drawings on the fridge. But when they grow up, only a few become real artists, while the rest of us never improve beyond stick figures. Artist Cindy Iverson just doesn't believe that. She and her husband Gary opened a bright, modern paper store stocked full of scrapbooking and craft supplies that'll make anyone look like a pro. Shelves and racks brim with Japanese paper, hand-soldered jewelry trays, stickers, knobs, and decorative papers sporting patterns from country checks to preening cats.

The staff is happy to help you determine the sturdiest paper for origami or locate the perfect antiqued keyhole knob for your family album. See what's possible with paper in the shop's small art gallery or do-it-yourself at classes on bookbinding, paper-making or letterpress. Maybe you won't come out a master artist, but at least you'll go home with something fridge-worthy.

Location Details

520 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe AZ 85282


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