Agreka Books

There are good (read: marketable) authors and bad (read: unpublishable) authors. Scottsdale-based Agreka mines the middle ground, specializing in "niche" authors — scribes with specialized tales to tell but not too many people to tell them to. Take polygamy. The Agreka bigwigs must be either jack Mormons or full-blown excommunicates because about half of the house's inventory casts a dim view on Polygs and Creekers. A few of the titles you'll find are Murder of a Prophet: The Dark Side of Utah Polygamy; A Teenager's Tears: When Parents Convert to Polygamy; Polygamy's Rape of Rachael Strong; Colorado City Polygamists: An Inside Look for the Outsider; Polygamy Under Attack: From Tom Green to Brian David Mitchell; and The Correlation of Muslim Doctrine & Latter-Day Saint Doctrine.

Whew! That ought to keep us busy for a couple of months. Agreka also offers a varied line of non-polygamy fare, and it's a good bet you won't find these titles at your neighborhood Borders, either: Sleeping With Angels: A Veterinarian's Sacred Bond of Animal Companionship; Liberalitis: A Thinking Disorder Destroying America; The Blood Axe: A Story of Viking Kings; Help! There's a Tigress in the House: When a Husband Retires & Other Diversions; and Art Puzzles by Number: From Easy to Mind Bending.


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