Have you shopped for a decent vacuum cleaner lately? It's akin to buying a car or real estate (a good canister vac in a specialty store virtually requires a background check and employment verification). Well, shopping for a super-hard sucker doesn't have to suck super-hard. The Sears Roebuck and Company service center at 32nd Street and Greenway offers a wide variety of reconditioned (which usually means someone opened the box and touched the Styrofoam packing), high-quality vacuum cleaners at rock-bottom prices. The service folk are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to let you take the inventory for a test drive. Extended warranties are available, although at these prices, you may as well buy a new vacuum in the unlikely event that one of these beauties conks out. You can drop a grand on a vacuum at another shop if you want (although several non-traditional sucking options should be available for that kind of money), or you can get a better vacuum at this Sears strip-mall outlet without having to apply for a second mortgage.

Location Details

3202 E. Greenway Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85032


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