Okay, so we were shopping for a table lamp and we came home with two giant 1940s Drexel china cupboards. So shoot us. We couldn't resist these mammoth mahogany beauties. They were so gorgeous — and so affordable, too! Now all our china is happier, and so are we, because we know where to go for fancier antiques for our great old house. On a recent return trip, we scored a hundred-year-old cherry wood library table, a lighted lectern ripped from the lobby of an old Deco Miami hotel, and a '20s oil lamp chandelier, too. We're planning to go back next week for that Regency tea cart and maybe the framed Turner prints, too. With lovelies like those we've found at Antique Gatherings, how can we possibly stay away?

Location Details

3601 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85018


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