Vintage Solutions

We saw it from the street and nearly drove off the road: A flawless fainting couch, circa 1930, upholstered in blood-red chintz and trimmed in enough fringe to choke a horse. When we stopped to admire it, we did so knowing its price tag would be enough to scare us off, because nothing this beautiful could cost as little as we're willing to spend on old furniture. We'd clearly forgotten where we were, because Vintage Solutions is the best — maybe the only! — place in town to find amazing antiques at bargain basement prices. The sofa was — can you believe it? — only $40, and mere minutes after we snatched it up, another customer at this fantastic furniture gallery tried to buy it from us for nearly twice what we'd paid. We've since recovered from the shock of getting such a gorgeous piece for such a ridiculously low price, and have purchased a roomful of stuff from Vintage Solutions' new, improved 16th Street location, where the sweet life can be had for a song.

Location Details

3604 N. 16th St.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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