Pink Paradise

Nothing says 1984 (to us, at least) quite like a trip through the Lilly Pulitzer time machine. We're sure the brand has been updated since our high school preppy days, but not that we can tell, walking through the relatively new L.P. outpost in Scottsdale. All pink and green, all the time, harkening back to the days we felt the need to layer a pale pink button-down over a green polo shirt over a hot pink polo shirt. In Phoenix, in September. Yes, we were sweating and stiff, but hey, it was the only way to really pull together that pink-and-green belt. You know, the one with the cute little frogs on it. That kind of thing now makes us a little nauseated (and sweaty), but if you're into it now (and we know you're out there; we've seen you walking to La Grande Orange, polo collars proudly turned up) head to the Borgata for some pink grosgrain and tiny palm tree prints.

Location Details

6166 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Paradise Valley AZ 85253


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