Best Place to Run into an NBA Star (2008)

The Ritz-Carlton

If you're tired of seeing the Suns lose, but you still want to see an NBA star in person, we've got just the place for you. We have it on insider knowledge that most visiting NBA teams and some NFL teams stay at one and only one hotel in Phoenix — the Ritz-Carlton at Camelback and 24th Street.

We've seen Phil Jackson in the bar, and we hear this is where Kobe Bryant gets his breakfast in bed when visiting Phoenix. Shaquille O'Neal may have even enjoyed the spa treatments here (before moving to Phoenix himself).

A single room can cost $1,200 a night at the Ritz, but you need not be an overnight guest to buy a drink at the bar or eat brunch in the restaurant — both of which are on the first floor. So next time you're bored and you know a visiting NBA or NFL team is in town, head to the Ritz. You might just bump into somebody famous.

Location Details

2401 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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