Best Cover Band (2008)

The Chadwicks

Formed in 1994, Tempe-based quartet The Chadwicks is one of the few bands in the city whose repertoire consists almost entirely of cover songs. Even The Chadwicks' "alter ego" band, Rock Lobster, plays covers exclusively. What makes the band stand out is the scope of its playlists — these guys cover more than a hundred songs, spanning several genres and decades. They can turn on and tune in at a '60s dance party with songs by The Doors, Van Morrison, and The Rolling Stones; they can rock your bell-bottoms with '70s songs by Don McLean, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith; and they keep it contemporary with covers of artists like Modest Mouse, The Strokes, Maroon 5, and Weezer. And if you're worried they skipped the '80s, fear not — check out Rock Lobster, which plays nothing but '80s hits, from Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Bangles to Naked Eyes and Dead or Alive. Whatever your musical tastes, the guys in The Chadwicks have you covered.


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