Best Happy Hour (2008)

Mickey's Hangover

This place will ruin your diet. But isn't the point of happy hour to get all nasty on some bar food and cheap beer after a frustrating day at work? We know that after a long day of calling people who don't want to talk to us, that's about all we're good for. And Mickey's is the perfect place to dig in while slumping on an old couch and watching the game. This place has turned bar food into a lowbrow art form. Our personal fave is the mozzarella and pesto cheese stix (yeah, spelled like that), though we don't mind the mountain of cheese fries, either. These and other selected munchies are half-price from 4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays, and so are well drinks, beer, and wine. Just make sure to clear out around 9, when the place starts to fill up with $30K millionaires.


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