Best Neighborhood Bar, West Valley (2008)

Exit 7 Bar And Grill

Wanna know what really bores us? To tears? Adam Sandler flicks, for one. Not to mention flaky artist-types. Another thing we find particularly tedious and mind-numbing are bars in which there's absolutely nothing to do other than drink, stare at the boob tube, or endure depressing stories from dour drunks. But Exit 7 doesn't roll like that, yo, because the Glendale tavern features plenty of lively diversions to engage in with your mates while sampling more than a dozen different brews on tap (including Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Widmer). Four pool tables are available for play, in addition to three dart machines, three MegaTouch touch-screen units, and a few arcade games like Big Buck Hunter and Silver Strike Bowling 2007. But if an argument over who sunk the 8-ball ensues, don't head out to the parking lot to settle things. Instead, go a few rounds on the Dragon Punch boxing game in the corner. It'll probably keep the bartender from calling the cops.


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