Best Sports Bar, Northwest Valley (2008)


Mere minutes by car from the Cardinals' stadium, this Peoria sports bar is the overachieving older brother of the now-defunct Tempe location. (Sure, we might have downed a drink or two there, back in the day.) This is no college bar — it's all grown up and gone Sports Bar, and a great one at that. At this McDuffy's, we're loving the large tables that are perfect for packing in fans for game night. It's easy to watch the big game from any of the 80 large-screen TVs that light up the place. We love the loud vibe here — it's a sports bar, people; join the chorus of boooos for a bad call or the cheers for a great play. Dive right in to the hearty food — not just your regular bar burger and fries. We hear the French toast is good, but we're not aware of a sport starting quite early enough to get us out of bed to try it. Good luck with that, yourself, since McDuffy's sports a huge following after the game, with dancing five nights a week until 2 a.m. Good idea — time to practice your grown-up game after watching the big game.

Location Details

15184 N. 83rd Ave.
Peoria AZ 85382


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