Best Tribute Band (2008)

UnSkinny Bop

Very few tribute bands attain such a degree of national success that members of the original band recognize or perform with the tribute band or such that the tribute band is able to sustain itself on a national tour. There are The Atomic Punks (a tribute to Roth-era Van Halen) and Led Zepagain (Led Zeppelin tribute), both from California. And there is UnSkinny Bop, the nation's foremost Poison tribute band, from right here in Phoenix. The band not only physically resembles '80s-era Poison — right down to the big hair, lipstick, and spandex — but does a pretty amazing re-creation of Poison's sound live, too. UnSkinny Bop is so sincere in its spot-on renditions of Poison songs that the band actually records the covers and posts the audio files on the UnSkinny Bop Web site. The band is so sublimely imitative of the original that — prior to Poison's reuniting — promoters were looking to book UnSkinny Bop to open shows for Poison's fellow '80s hair-metal acts Warrant and Firehouse. UnSkinny Bop recently returned from a national jaunt called the Bad Boys 2008 Tour and is currently unleashing its brand of jock 'n' roll at a Valley club near you.


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