Best Banana Cream Pie (2008)


A lot of dishes are award-worthy at Cork, the south Chandler eatery opened by co-owners Robert Morris (sommelier), his wife Danielle Morris (pastry chef), and Brian Peterson (executive chef) earlier this year. But we think the banana cream pie says it all. What you might visualize when you order it is nothing like what you actually get. Instead of a simple slice of traditional pie, you get an edible work of art, with the chocolate-painted plate as a canvas. Brûléed banana slices and a roasted baby plantain accompany the "pie," whose tasty round Oreo crust supports a pale cylinder of delicate banana cream. On top, there's an ethereal cloud of brûléed homemade marshmallow. All together, this is one of the most memorable desserts we've had in a long time, and definitely a fitting way to wrap up a dinner that might include creative dishes such as seared foie gras with banana bread, or ostrich crudo with limoncello, heirloom tomato, and tortellini.

Location Details

4991 S. Alma School Rd.
Sun Lakes AZ 85248


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