From fine-dining spots all the way down to budget sandwich joints, the caesar salad is one menu item that spans cooking styles and price points. Obviously, the caesar has a devoted following. But why, then, do so many restaurants treat it like a token dish? Seriously, the caesar could be so simple and delicious, but the way most restaurants serve it, it's just plain boring. Not at radioMILANO, though. We could tell these folks appreciate a good caesar just by the way they've given it a creative spin. Here, it's not just a pile of romaine lettuce with some generic creamy dressing. It's ultra-fresh romaine tossed with crisp, thin slices of celery, Parmesan croutons, and a delectable dressing perked up with lemon juice. On top, there's plenty of shaved Parmesan, too. This is a caesar salad to crave — and ever since we've discovered it, we crave it all the time.

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3950 E. Campbell Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85018


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