Best Salads (2008)

Lisa G Café Wine Bar

It's really sad how often we go a little hungry when we're just not in the mood for a sandwich or a meat-and-potatoes entrée. Who says salads can't have substance? Thankfully, there's a restaurant where we can actually fill up when we're craving a good salad: Lisa G. This place is the bomb, whether for an uplifting workday lunch, a mellow dinner, or a late-evening glass of wine with friends. Indeed, we love everything here, from the killer homemade meatballs (that's "balls" on the menu) to scrumptious sandwiches on soft MJ Bread. But lately we find ourselves coming back again and again for the salads, as there's one for every mood. At lunch, we love the tuna salad, a luscious niçoise-inspired concoction with fresh greens, albacore tuna, white beans, roasted red peppers, capers, red onion, and Kalamata olives, tossed in the best Dijon vinaigrette we've ever had. Off the dinner menu, we love the frutti di mare, chock-full of seafood, and the surprisingly hearty vegetarian, laden with balsamic-tinged roasted vegetables and goat cheese. And then there's the steak salad, a filling spinach salad topped with blue cheese and juicy slices of strip steak. We're happy to make a meal out of that anytime.


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