Best Latina Designers (2008)

Lola y Lola

Too many designers in Phoenix get so distracted by sewing stuff onto other stuff that they forget the part where they're supposed to be making things that people will, you know, wear in public. Not so for Yesenia Puente and Miriam Navarro, the creative force behind Lola y Lola, a cheeky local line of clothing that we have possibly become a little obsessed with. Puente and Navarro became interested in design while studying in Paris in 2001 and their line (which debuted at a fashion show in 2004) combines the intrinsic grace of France with their Mexican heritage's whimsy and bright colors. The result is a line that's a true standout. We're particularly partial to their tank tops — especially "El Otono" and "El Monstruo" — and have a feeling these two could make a tidy little profit if the bigwigs at Urban Outfitters were to catch wind of what they're doing. Until they hit the big time, you can score their super-cute tanks, Ts, and dresses at stores such as Mint Vintage, Way Cool Hair, Conspire, and on


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