Best Piñatas (2008)

Arizona Piñatas

You'd think it would be easy to find piñatas in Phoenix. It is. But something special? Sure, chains like Food City and Party City carry a token selection of papier-mâché Disney characters and traditional piñatas, but they're all the same. Time and again shop owners told us that no one local does custom piñatas. Finally, a tip brought us to Arizona Piñatas, a little mom-and-pop shop based in Scottsdale. The downside is that there's no physical storefront, so you'll have to browse online and get your order shipped. Stock designs include sports-themed piñatas, animals, flowers, and the traditional round ball studded with large cones. They also carry pull-string models for toddlers who can't quite handle a bat. For a little extra cash, you can order candy and supplies or request a Disney princess, pink flamingo, or flying pig piñata. So why are these guys really the best? If you want a likeness of your boss to beat the crap out of, Arizona Piñatas will make it.


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