Best Place to Buy a Quinceañera Dress (2008)

I Do! I Do! Bridal

A girl's quinceañera is, perhaps, the most important ceremony of her life (outside of her wedding), and part of the allure and fun of the whole expensive shebang is the dress. Here in Phoenix, there are plenty of Latina-centered bridal shops that sell them. That makes I Do! I Do! appear out of place here because the shop focuses mostly on bridal gowns. But tucked away in a secondary showroom, this place has the best selection of quinceañera dresses we've seen. We've stalked these poofy, candy-colored dresses since we were 15, cursing our Irish parents, and wishing we were Hispanic so we could be the guest of honor at one of these fancy coming-out parties. Of the designers this store carries, our favorite is Mori Lee Vizcayas, whose full-scalloped lace skirts and vibrant color choices are the envy of Anglo girls everywhere. What really sets I Do! I Do! apart is the level of attentive and prompt service — something that is lacking at other shops around town. If you're going to drop that much money on a dress, your personal shopper better be zipping you into it. Appointments are a must here and bilingual services are available upon request.

Location Details

5310 N. Seventh St.
Phoenix AZ 85014


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