On First or Third Fridays past, we always made sure to hike up to .anti_space on Fourth Street and McKinley. One, because we love trying that damn tightrope walk whenever possible, and two, because it used to be the home of one of our favorite art spots, Pravus Gallery. Headed by local art gurus like Kenneth Richardson, Mike Goodwin, Amy Young, and Douglas Grant, Pravus held a reputation for consistently throwing down some slam-dunk exhibitions. The only flaw was its location — not everyone is willing to step off the main drag of Roosevelt. That's why when Pravus decided to make its move to the corner of Fifth Street and Roosevelt in early 2008, we started a slow clap that is now group applause among downtown art seekers. Replacing the space that used to be Fleure•ish boutique, Pravus can now stretch its legs between two large galleries and even has room for Synthetic Compound, a designer toy store formerly part of the nearby Firehouse.

Pravus, way to make your move.

Location Details

501 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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