Best Place to See and Be Seen on a First Friday (2008)

eye lounge

If you want to break through in any scene, you've got to network. And to do that, you have to troll the places where the people go. There's really no shame — it's just good business. So if you're looking for some facial recognition in the arts scene, be sure to make eye lounge your number one spot for multiple visits on a First Friday. And all it takes is one cruise through to see why.

Check into any art gallery on Roosevelt Row or Grand Avenue and there's no denying that eye lounge is the expert on packing a place. We're not sure exactly what it is — the great art, the killer location, or the feng shui — but we always have to smoosh our way through a massive crowd each month. Chances are, if you shimmy around its tri-gallery setup a few times, you'll probably run into every First Friday artwalker that's out and about. Which, come to think of it, may be the main reason it's always so busy. The someones, the no-ones, and, heck, everyone is there.

Location Details

419 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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