Best Place to See and Be Seen on a Third Friday (2008)

The Lost Leaf

Let's face it, First Fridays are about the people and Third Fridays are about the art. On a First Friday, we put on our best outfit, slap on a second coat of mascara and prepare to make a lot of eye contact. Sure, we see the art, but it's not until we take another gander during Third Friday that we actually digest it. The relaxed atmosphere of a Third Friday only requires one application of eye makeup and is a nice treat — although a couple hours of looking at art gets us in a voyeuristic vibe and we can't help wanting to be looked at, too. That's when we head to The Lost Leaf on Fifth Street. With more than 80 beers and 20 wines flowing, the renovated house acts as a beacon drawing the scattered artwalkers to one location. There, we find everyone from hungry artists to loaded lawyers having a drink and taking a peek at everyone who walks through the door. Yes, it's where the lookers and lookees like to gather and, well, look.

Location Details

914 N. 5th St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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