Best Budget Spa Event (2008)

Spa Week

Forget Disney World. The first thing we'll do after we win the lottery is head straight to the spa. The unequaled bliss of a day of pampering, fortified by a chorus of angels trilling "aaaaahhhhhhh" in the background, beats standing in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean any day. Unfortunately, the cost of that kind of pampering heads straight up to the stratosphere and could, quite possibly, rival a mortgage payment (or a Park Pass). That's why we're in a lather over Spa Week. Launched in 2004, this annual event aims to bring resort day spa pampering to us regular folks at a budget-friendly price: $49 for nearly hourlong treatments at 22 of this year's participating spas. How about facials at the Arizona Biltmore, Swedish massages at the Mondrian, pedicures at the Valley Ho? We've only two regrets — that it happens once a year, and only for a week. But tick tock, we're already counting the days 'til next year, and you can, too, by checking the Web site.


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