We try to feel only the love in Best of Phoenix, but we've got to stop and grouse for just a moment. Though we have a vibrant art scene, certain financial realities dictate that galleries don't, for the most part, keep regular hours — at least, not the downtown spots with the funky work we want to buy. Miss first and third Fridays, and you might be S.O.L., wanna-be art buyer.

That's just one reason we love etsy.com, a national site featuring scores of independent salespeople — including the Valley's own Jason Hill, a fantastic printmaker whose iconic Phoenix images have graced the cover of New Times on occasion. Hill had a show recently — up for just one night — and we e-mailed him, lamenting the fact that we already had plans.

Hill graciously pointed us to his etsy shop, and now we can shop his stuff to our hearts' content, 24/7. Now if we could just decide between the "I Heart Urban Sprawl" T-shirt and the Arizona Biltmore print. Or maybe the Bikini Lounge one.

And we wonder who else among our favorite local artists we'll find on etsy. This could get expensive. But worth it!


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