Everyone knows that the last thing you're supposed to do before you leave the house is stop, look in the mirror, and remove one accessory. It's the key to elegance, as far as we're concerned. (Not to mention avoiding looking like a clown.) But when it comes to the home, we ditch the theory in favor of what we fondly refer to as "cluttered chaos." Family photos, tchotchkes, light fixtures, candles, pillows — bring it on. More to dust, but more to love, and we love showing off our personal style in our personal space. That's why we were awed during a recent trip to Embellish Home. We wanted it all: the delicate bedside lamp with the pink chandelier accents, the funky Mediterranean-esque lantern, the cabinet full of scented candles. Hey, give us the cabinet, too! If you can't choose, Embellish offers interior design services, including a clever, reasonably priced consultation package where the designer helps you work with what you've got. But after a visit to Embellish, you just won't be able to resist adding a few more touches to your home.

Location Details

914 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85014


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