Best Place to Buy Spy Gear (2008)

Spy Headquarters

Maybe you're hunting ghosts and you need an electromagnetic field detector. Maybe you want to spy on your significant other with a hidden camera made to look like a desk clock. Perhaps you're the parent of a stoner teen and would like to find an EZ-5 disposable drug test. Maybe you're the stoner teen and need a safe designed to look like a soda can in which to hide your stash. No matter your espionage needs, Spy Headquarters has your back. The shop carries a variety of gear, including police products (such as fingerprint kits and lock picks), computer surveillance systems and counter-surveillance devices (like phone tap detectors and voice changers), personal protection devices (everything from air Tasers to stun guns), and plenty of books and badges, too, making Spy Headquarters the perfect place to be cool and go covert.

Location Details

2235 S. Power Rd.
Mesa AZ 85209


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