Best Place to Buy Swell '60s Décor (2008)

Vintage Solutions

Vintage Solutions' tagline is, "Offering you endless possibilities for your home," which is certainly true — we've decorated practically our entire home with amazing finds from this fabulous furniture store. But what's really been piquing our interest of late is the swell selection of high-end '60s furniture and accessories this nicely appointed, welcoming shop has to offer.

Oh, sure, the guys who run this place always feature an array of great stuff from every era (we recently bought a gorgeous Deco Bakelite-and-chrome floor lamp for next to nothing), but lately we've become obsessed with their selection of high-end, low-priced pieces from the Swinging '60s. The long, low, Formica-topped coffee table looks great with our '50s sofa, and the pair of gold-leafed chalkware vanity lamps is perfect with our 1930s bedroom set.

We didn't used to have the nerve to mix and match interior accessories from different eras until we started visiting Vintage Solutions, where stylish mixing and matching is the name of their display game. What's more, we didn't even think we liked '60s stuff until we started seeing it through the well-trained eyes of this store's proprietors, whose flair for fashionable interiors has us considering redoing our game room around a groovy oil lamp we saw there recently. We're newly brave, thanks to the 40-year-old beauty we've found at Vintage Solutions!

Location Details

3604 N. 16th St.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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