Best Public Pool You Didn't Know Was Public (2009)

The Oasis at the Clarendon Hotel

One of the crown jewels of any local high-end hotel undoubtedly is its sumptuous swimming pool. For instance, the W Scottsdale boasts an opulent oasis of white sandy beaches, glowing fire pits, and relaxing cabanas. Meanwhile, the swank swim tank at the Mondrian Scottsdale is a cerulean-colored lagoon of lavishness usually frequented by skinny and stylish bikini-clad chickadees. Both are luxurious relaxation destinations for A-listers and well-heeled types who want to take a leisurely dip. And unless you're a paid guest, your freeloading ass ain't allowed.

Not so at the Clarendon, where the CenPho boutique hotel opens its chic pool to the public daily from 6 a.m. until midnight (weather and holidays permitting) for $10 per person, which includes use of towels and sunscreen. If you're living a threadbare existence, get a taste of how the other half lives as you take an extended repose either in the crystal blue waters or by soaking your carcass in the 50-person spa.

Keep in mind there's one caveat: Appropriate swimwear is requested. In other words, do the world a favor and ditch the greasy cutoffs and your "Home of the Whopper" T-shirt in favor of some more modest board shorts.


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