Best Whiner (2009)

Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals

We're not saying Anquan Boldin isn't a stud. He's about as tough a National Football League player as they come. He's a great receiver. Who knows how great he would be if he hadn't gotten his face broken trying to catch a Kurt Warner pass in the Arizona Cardinals 56-35 regular-season loss to the New York Jets last September 28. Boldin was Warner's main target in the game, catching 10 passes for 119 yards and a touchdown. He and fellow wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had made the best receiving tandem in the league, and because of the injury, Boldin missed four games.

In the interim, Fitzgerald became the dominant force on the Cardinals and in the league. Then the drama, which began when Boldin had requested a trade following the 2007 season, began again full force. Boldin and his agent whined incessantly that Anquan wasn't being treated fairly because Fitzgerald had signed a four-year, $40 million contract renewal. Meantime, the Cardinals refused to renegotiate Boldin's deal, which now has two years and $12 million left on it.

After his return to action, Q and his agent bitched to the media about how unhappy he was and how he wouldn't play for the Cardinals after the 2008 season without that new contract. It's hard for mere mortals to understand where a guy like Boldin's coming from — how much money does he need?


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