It was l'amour at first bite. Leave it to a French restaurant to figure out that the best way to seduce our palates is simply to feed us a really delicious, unforgettable hamburger. The signature Brasserie Burger at Metro Brasserie has just the right balance of comfort and novelty, a thick, perfectly cooked beef patty inside a fragrant, deep golden brioche bun, topped with creamy sauce gribiche, sweet smoked Vidalia onions, tangy cured tomato, and Bibb lettuce. The entire thing oozes decadent sauce and juices when you bite into it, so if you can manage to eat it without licking your fingers, consider yourself a true burger-eatin' pro. And be sure to order it up with a side of crispy frites so you have something to clean your plate with. (Yeah, it'd be easier to just lick the platter, but you know how those French are about manners.) Bon appétit!

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7114 E. Stetson Dr.
Scottsdale AZ 85251


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