We've been huge fans of falafel since way back in our student days, when the neighborhood falafel joint kept us well fed on a budget. What's not to love about a hot, crispy, fried chickpea ball? Our first taste of the fantastic falafel at Spices, though, took the obsession to a whole new level. Here, the falafel is formed into small patties and perfectly cooked so that the inside stays still moist and flavorful and the outside is light and crisp. (Too many restaurants serve a hard, crunchy version that takes a lot of tahini to soften it.) Whether tucked into a fresh pita or served as an entrée with salad, hummus, tahini, and pickles, it's something we find ourselves craving all the time. We're sure that our younger selves would be envious.

Location Details

4040 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler AZ 85226


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