Best Farmers Market for Petting Baby Goats (2009)

Mesa Community Farmers Market

Among the motley crowd at a farmers market, you'll find organic locavores, indie craft fanatics, and people who just want to get out of the house. Then there are those whose mission is to fondle underage livestock, and Kathryn Marshall is their go-to gal. When the high temp for the day is predicted under 100 degrees, Marshall brings a portable pen and frisky Alpine goat kids to the Mesa market along with her Double Blessing soaps, lotions, and other handmade luxuries ( The wee wethers are quite the conversation starters; as they try to chew your fingers off, Marshall will tell you that their mom's milk is higher in butterfat than any other mammal's moo (except reindeer — and, climate aside, it's way harder to get them in the car). The luxe cosmetics smell like a bajillion kinds of herbs, fruit, and flowers, and not even a tiny bit like goats.

Location Details

263 N. Center St.
Mesa AZ 85201


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