Award-winning chef Kevin Binkley has built his reputation on cutting-edge cuisine at his Carefree fine-dining spot, Binkley's, but for most of us, the place is a special-occasion splurge. Thankfully, though, he's also branched out into affordable, accessible eats at nearby Café Bink. From French onion soup to flat iron steak, Binkley does comfort food with as much finesse as his high-concept stuff. No matter what you order here, be sure to get it with a side of fries. Honestly, we could make a meal out of these gorgeous golden pommes, which are lightly crispy yet fluffy on the inside — and so scrumptious that we have no willpower to stop eating them. Café Bink makes these fries they way they do in Belgium, first blanching them, and then twice-frying them. They're served up in a cute paper cone, with three delicious dipping sauces. Which one is best, the creamy aioli, the heady truffle ketchup, or the herb-kissed sauce verte? You may never come to a conclusion, and you may never want to.

Location Details

36889 N. Tom Darlington Dr.
Carefree AZ 85377


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