It's hard not to love India Plaza. Its charming façade is built to resemble the kind of old-fashioned storefront you might find at a railroad station. These days, it's even a bit authentic, since the light rail stops right in front.

India Plaza stocks all the goods you'll need for a great east Indian meal. From candy-coated fennel seeds to mustard oil, all the trappings are here. If you don't know your ground coriander from your turmeric, never fear. The helpful staff can suggest a trick or two, and if you're truly in a pinch, no one will be the wiser if you pass off pre-made samosas as your own. For you globetrotting types, there's more than enough help in whipping up an Indian feast with tandoori mixes, boxed golbis, and butter chicken simmer sauces. From tongue-tingling vindaloos to a cooling, sweet chutney, you'll be dishing up the deliciousness faster than you can say Monsoon Wedding.

Location Details

1874 E. Apache Blvd.
Tempe AZ 85281


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