When it comes to the latest fad, too often Phoenix is the last to arrive on the scene. So we were pleased this summer when, on a visit to New York City, we noticed that French macarons were all the rage. Ha! Essence has been doing that for years. And doing it oh so well. We bet you'd be hard-pressed to find a more divine macaron in all of Manhattan or Paris. Unlike the chunky coconut Passover variety, these macarons are the ultimate sandwich cookie, two discs that manage to be chewy and crunchy at the same time, with a gooey filling. You can buy a mini version, but we recommend you take Essence up on their full-size offering — and get more than one, because who can be expected to choose between pink grapefruit and chocolate mint? The flavors rotate and you can sign up for a newsletter on the bakery's Web site to make sure you don't miss your favorite. And if you want to show off for someone out of town, Essence now ships the macarons just about everywhere.

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