Local Breeze owner Sid Campbell pays homage to the now-defunct Pischke's (where he was a longtime cook) by bringing a laid-back touch of the tropics to the middle of this desert metropolis. Situated in the historic Cavness House, just beyond the heart of downtown, Local Breeze is the perfect antidote to a stressful day, especially if you sit on the sprawling patio. Here, you can while away a lunch hour or a balmy evening stretched out at a big table or lounging on a comfy couch, sipping an ice-cold "mojito" lemonade and feasting on casual American eats. Oversize salads, sandwiches, and burgers are just a few of the possibilities, along with weekend brunch. Sailing away to an island paradise may not be an option for most of us, but thankfully, we can always cruise over to Local Breeze.

Location Details

606 N. 4th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85003


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