We're in carnivore heaven every time we do dinner at Don & Charlie's, an old-school steakhouse where the smell of sizzling meat makes us feel like we're floating on a cloud from the front door all the way to the table. What also makes us smile are Don & Charlie's tasty chopped liver plate (always compliments of the house, with warm bread!) and a museum's worth of cool baseball memorabilia decorating every inch of wall space. Steaks are the house specialty, but the ribs are just as famous — in particular, the meaty, juicy baby back ribs, smothered in tangy original barbecue sauce or the kicky Southwest barbecue sauce. Put a slab of those in front of us, and we'll be happily, busily gnawing on 'em until all that's left is a clean pile of bones. Needless to say, if we're going to pig out, Don & Charlie's is the classiest place in the Valley to do it.

Location Details

7501 E. Camelback Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85251


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