Best Sign of Urban Renewal (2009)


We think Hanny's deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as ASU's downtown campus, Janet Echelman's mesmerizing mesh sculpture floating above the civic park, and the CityScape development. This restaurant really is a point of pride for the downtown renaissance, for multiple reasons. First off, owner Karl Kopp, known for his Scottsdale watering hole AZ88, invested millions to transform the circa-1947 building (originally a clothing store) from a vacant eyesore that the fire department used to torch for training sessions into a stunningly restored example of International Style architecture. Now it's on the Phoenix Historic Property Register. Hanny's also caters to hungry downtown denizens from lunchtime to late night; bruschetta, big salads, and crispy Roman pizzas are just a few of the tasty offerings. Beyond that, we're happy that Hanny's gives us a stylish place to relax over an after-work cocktail or an evening glass of wine. Any city would be lucky to have a place like Hanny's in the middle of its downtown, so we're thrilled to have it in ours.

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Location Details

40 N. 1st St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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