When you're in a restaurant that serves subs in various sizes called "nugs," "pinners," and "blunts," it only makes sense to be surrounded by cannabis-inspired art. While ordering at the counter, customers can eyeball the plethora of pot-themed stickers and photos taped across the length of the counter, proclaiming things like "Friends don't let friends eat shwag." There's also a display case featuring T-shirts that depict George W. Bush hitting a bong. Once customers have their, uh, blunts in hand, they can ogle the photos beside the soda machine that show Cheech & Chong icon Tommy Chong stuffing his face at Cheba Hut. And once seated in a booth, patrons can take in the giant wall mural that features folks surfing and sunning and a monkey blowing smoke rings through the trees. After their munchies have been slain, customers get one last look at a marijuana leaf, this one painted on the door. There are more green leaves in this place than a teashop. With décor like this, one can't help but leave no turn unstoned.

Location Details

960 W. University Dr.
Tempe AZ 85281


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