Best Neighborhood Mexican, South Phoenix (2009)

Comedor Guadalajara

For as long as we can remember, Comedor Guadalajara has been the place in South Phoenix to throw a bangin' dinner party for all of your nearest and dearest — without the hassle of straightening up around the house and actually, uh, cooking. Once you set foot in this sprawling restaurant, you'll understand why it was made for a fiesta; one spacious, colorful dining room leads into another, and then another. And the menu is all about splurges, particularly the jaw-dropping parilladas, surf-and-turf grilled plates heaped with carne asada, carnitas, whole fish, lobster tail, and more. Other specialties include chicken in red mole sauce, steak picado, and chiles relleno, along with combination platters that cover the standards, like flautas, tacos, and tostadas. And don't worry if you're dining solo — Comedor Guadalajara is so festive that you'll feel like the celebration's just for you.

Location Details

1830 S. Central Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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