Best Rock 'n' Roll Road Trip (2009)

Circus Mexicus with Roger Clyne

Even though they're not very active in the sleepy resort town, warring Mexican drug lords have put a damper on things in Rocky Point. But Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers still put on one of the best parties you'll ever attend. Clyne, who's made a career out of mythologizing the restless beauty of life in the border towns in the Sonoran Desert, gives his diehard fans ("Peaceheads" they're called, much to their chagrin) from across the country a chance to live his songs for a weekend with this now-annual event. Even for non-fans, it's a blast: Circus Mexicus is like partying in Key West with Jimmy Buffett during his deadbeat years. The event culminates in a three-hour show in which the Tempe-bred former Refreshments singer and his band play pretty much every song in their catalog while fireworks periodically explode overhead, but the entire weekend is a blast for anyone who enjoys Tecate, tacos, or the beach.


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