Best Country Radio Personalities (2009)

Ben Campbell and Matt McAllister

In Phoenix's topsy-turvy and hyper-competitive country radio scene (dominated by the twin-powers of KNIX and KMLE), one moment you're on top, the next you're out the door, and, before you know it, you're working for the other guy. We're not sure KNIX's Ben Campbell and Matt McAllister were good enough to get their former competitor — the Morning Mayor, Dave Pratt — recalled, but it does seem suspicious that their success coincided with his departure and replacement with KNIX's old team of Tim and Willy. Either way, there's no real competition between Ben and Matt, charming pretty boys whom the station wisely cross-markets whenever possible (and who score interviews with some of country music's top stars), and the insufferable Tim and Willy, who overuse the dumbass term "NashVegas" and have somehow ended up interviewing a dude from Def Leppard and mystery author Dean Koontz. We'd prefer to see Ben and Matt's tanned faces and pearly white teeth atop a pair of boots a little more often, but when it comes to picking a drive-time country twosome, Ben and Matt are it.


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