Best Collectible Bookstore (2009)

Book Gallery

Our holy grail since the early '80s was a copy — we'd have even settled for a dirty, torn, library discard copy — of Cornelia Otis Skinner's Dithers and Jitters. We despaired of ever finding this mid-century essay collection, but that's because we'd forgotten, somehow and however briefly, about the Book Gallery. We happen to have mentioned our long-held (and, okay, slightly peculiar) desire to one of the clerks one afternoon, and he quickly scribbled our name and number onto a piece of scrap paper. "Yeah, right," we thought to ourselves as we left with our usual stack of collectible reads (in this case a pair of first-edition Cherry Ames novels and a Dell Mapback of one of Maysie Greig's better titles). No more than a month later, and after scouring eBay for years and pining away for decades before that, we had in our hands this cherished tome, which, when we read it, turned out to be not so very entertaining. But we don't care, because it renewed our faith in Phoenix's best collectible book shop, where the service is unusually helpful and where the rarest books in town can be found. (And if they can't be found, someone who works there will get 'em!)

Location Details

3643 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85018


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