Don't laugh at us, but we needed a new meat thermometer. Our heart was set on the Redi-Fork Digital Probe Thermometer with Detachable Tines and Rapid Read TipTake, but who wants to pay retail for such a high-end item? We certainly didn't, so we headed out to Le Gourmet Chef and almost wished, once we arrived, that we hadn't. But only because we wound up with a new set of galvanized cookware and some once-pricey oven mitts we would never had bought if they were full price. This place is like a gorgeous museum of all things cookery, from tiny sugar cube tongs to electric griddles, and everything at bargain basement prices. Our meat thermometer is magnificent, and it cost us less than half what it would have anywhere else. Definitely worth the drive to Anthem. We're going back!

Location Details

4250 W. Anthem Way
Anthem AZ 85086


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