Best Resource for Phoenix Parents (2009)

Raising Arizona Kids

So many decisions, so little time, so much advice from possibly shoddy sources. What's a parent to do? Pick up a copy of Raising Arizona Kids. From schools to camps to where to throw your kid's birthday party, the monthly parenting magazine has your back. RAK recently celebrated its 20th anniversary — a feat in the journalism business — and has become a staple in pediatricians' offices Valleywide. Editor Karen Barr would probably prefer you buy a subscription. We highly recommend you do, as much for the insightful articles by local writers like Vicki Louk Balint and Debra Rich Gettleman as the annual guides that make you feel like a member of the best parenting club in town. Anyhow, you don't want to get caught stealing a copy from the doctor's office. Not in front of your kid.


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