If you enjoy being a girl, this trendy clothing boutique in downtown Mesa is a must-visit. Step in the door and you're instantly transported to a frilly wonderland of pink. Everything is under $50, and though you won't find brand names like Guess or Bebe here, you can score a designer look without the huge price tag. On recent visits, we've spotted glamorous faux-crocodile belts, ruffled sundresses, sparkly hair flowers, and nail polish in glam shades of silver, neon blue and hot pink. The kids' side is even more girly, if that's possible. There's not a faded denim skirt or baby T in sight that isn't splashed with rhinestones, bows, or, yes, more pink. Contagious may ruffle a few tomboy feathers, but for girly girls, it's a sweet find.

Location Details

37 W. Main St.
Mesa AZ 85201


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