There's a screen-printed shirt inside Brand X on Mill Avenue that says "Custom T-Shirts Are the New Mix Tapes." We have to agree. In an era where it's all too easy to pop out a personalized mixtape or Photoshopped greeting card, getting a T-shirt printed still seems like a genuinely thoughtful gesture. No one does them better than the hip perfectionists at Brand X, who seem to treat every job as if were their last, creating screen-printed art that'll impress the most discriminating T-shirt aficionados. From house offerings that are much better than the vintage-look stuff you'll find online — like Brand X's series of light-rail shirts, a clever take on the ubiquitous transit-themed souvenirs you'll see in London and New York — to their ability to perfectly print any pixilated image you hand them, Brand X is well on its way to becoming a local institution.

Location Details

414 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe AZ 85281


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