Putting women in cages may sound oppressive, but give them some boxing gloves and headgear and you've got a moneymaker. Several strip clubs around town host some form of stripper fights, but Cheetahs was the first and remains the most popular. Around 11:30 p.m., dancers leave the stages and the DJ turns the music off. House lights shine down on the cage to spotlight the battling dancers. The ladies at Cheetahs are among the more attractive exotic dancers in town, with largely unscarred bodies and mostly real breasts. Any bruises on them likely come from the cage fights, because, despite wearing little more than g-strings and fight gear, these dancers throw down hard. They're not trained in mixed martial arts or anything, but their matches are more street fight than catfight. They do throw punches and kicks, but they spend a decent amount of time wrestling around on the ground, too — much to the delight of the screaming coed audience. There are anywhere from two to five fights every week, and fights last for three rounds (two minutes each). The show's always entertaining, but the more money patrons throw in the cage, the better the fights tend to be.

Location Details

4125 N. 7th St.
Phoenix AZ 85014


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